Taekwando Kid


“I was in 2nd grade when I joined my first Taekwondo competition. If you were that young, they would base the match-ups on height instead of your belt level. He was a brown belt and I had my red one. You’d think I’d be excited, first time and all, but really I was butterflies-in-my-stomach- nervous as hell. Mom was watching by the sides and I wanted to show her I was good at Taekwondo. A blow to the body earns you 1 point. A kick to the head gets you two. If you get knocked down, that’s 3 points. I got a few body kicks in but he was hitting me on the head easily. Hits to your opponent’s head weighs more points from the joo sim(referee). I lasted up to the final round battered. Exhausted. I knew I’d lost before the ref announced it. With a heavy heart I ran to my mom, hugged her, looked up and told her I didn’t win. She looked down at me, smiled and said, ‘Come on, we’re going to eat at Jollibee.'”

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