Street Talk

“I’ve been a street vendor in this spot for over 12 years now. There weren’t many buildings then and not many people. I forgot why I decided to stay on this spot but looking at how this place turned out with all its tall buildings and hundreds of people milling around, I think it was a good choice. I sell cigarettes, candies and salted green mangoes. The employees from the business park seem to love them. Everyday, they stand by my spot, smoking and talking about how one of their colleagues got recently promoted. Some share a green mango and rant about how their customers are spoiled brats, always insisting on what they want. An exciting weekend outing, a recent break-up, a fight between bestfriends, a sibling who needs tuition fees paid, a sick mom back at home – different stories each day. I guess we all have our stories to tell, some over cigarette and some salted green mangoes.”

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