Point of View


“I lived most of my life in Europe but I’ve stayed in the Philippines with my wife and daughter for 6 years now. I love this country with its scenic beaches and breath-taking landscapes. Yet this place is not all sugar and spice. It has its imperfections too. The strangest for me is not the corruption but the diversity amongst Filipinos. They have numerous beliefs, ideas and opinions that they try to push into each other’s minds – never relenting, never compromising – only to find themselves fighting among each other. One group calls for peace in their god’s name but wages war with their fellow countrymen. Another urges others to “prepare for the coming of the Lord”. They think that their god will fix this whole mess for them when He arrives but they don’t really know when that time comes. All they do is wait and wait. And so, there is little to no change happening. Some will agree with me and most may argue, but I think all Filipinos should come as one and lose the archipelagic mindset. They are not their provinces. They are not their barangays. They are this one magnificent country, Philippines.”

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