Meeting Her

lovers meeting her

“We were in the same training class for a BPO company. I knew immediately that she was a kind, friendly person when she first introduced herself in front of everybody – Rhelyn. She’s always smiling and very soft-spoken. She made new friends without any hitch. Me, I’m the introvert, awkward guy who found it extremely hard to make friends. I am the silent guy in conversations. And because of that, I have always felt distant from everyone else. But somehow, I never felt that with her. Spending time with her made me happy. I was excited to attend training because I knew I’d see her. It was very easy to talk to her. When we were away from each other, I’d send her a chat and invite her to play Dragonbound with me. I finally summoned the courage to ask her out on a movie date. I was so worried she would refuse. She’s special to me.”

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