Making Surfboards

“I made this long board myself. I shaped the wood into just the right size and curve then sanded it to make it smooth. Painting the wood with bright colors doesn’t last long especially when you use the surfboard everyday. The waves will gradually chip the paint off and you’ll be left with a worn-off looking board. So my fellow surfers and I had this crazy idea – FOAMS. We used half-inch thick industrial foams that were strong enough to absorb pressure but not bruise surfers if they hit themselves with it. We dye the foams with bright, catchy colors then glue them to the wood. And Voila! A beautiful, colorful long board that a lot of tourists would ask to take pictures with when they are here in Baler. Some board owners ask tourists to pay for borrowing their surfboards for pictures but I don’t. It would be nice to have my boards featured in various photos. With how social media is now, those photos could be seen by the whole world. Who knows? Some people may just visit Baler just to marvel and try my surfboards. This is my favorite surfboard. The red and blue colors stand for my support to our current president. I voted for President Duterte and I appreciate the plans he has for our country. He is very resilient in his views no matter how much garbage some people throw at him. Sadly, some of those people are Filipinos. I hope he remains strong. I hope he doesn’t crumble under whatever pressure he is in right now. And I hope he makes good in those plans so that I can witness the country become a great place to live in, in my lifetime.”

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