Lifelong Dream

krispy kreme

“It’s been my dream to be a doctor when I was a kid. I’d watch movies and TV shows and I’d see them walk up looking all hero-like in their scrubs, white coats and stethoscopes. Doctors looked neat and professional in their whites. There’d be this kid in the movie dying from massive blood loss and the doctor would rush to the room, fix him up and save his life. He’d be with his family a little while longer. Doctors are heroes. Sadly, my parents couldn’t afford to send me to med school. A few years back my nanay got diagnosed with ovarian tumor. She died a few years later. The doctors couldn’t save her. Then my sister and I lost our tatay too. I became an orphan at 16 years old. Our relatives tried to help us out by having my sister live with one of my aunts in Bacolod. Me, I worked through college and graduated with a degree in HRM. I stopped hoping I’ll be a doctor a long time ago. I live alone in Cebu. It’s lonely and it’s tough being alone if you think about it but I try not to. I keep telling myself I’ll be with my sister someday. We’ll have a great life together. I’m saving up money so I can fly to Hong Kong and get a better-paying job there. And then in a year, if everything works out well, I hope I can fly to the United States with my sister. My uncle and his family is living there you see. And it would be wonderful to be with family again.”

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