Life Saver

construction worker

“When you’re young and adventurous, you think you’re invincible! When I was 15 years old, I’d get up early on weekends and run from my house to the seawall to breathe in the morning fresh air. Way back then, the place wasn’t as dirty and smelly as it is now. It’s where my friends and I used to hang out and take turns doing somersaults in the water until our moms are yelling at us about danger, and drowning, how it’s not safe, blah blah. But it was our version of a backyard swimming pool! It was the coolest thing ever. One morning, I went for a swim alone. The water was cold and refreshing and I was just enjoying the alone time when suddenly this big wave slammed into me. I had barely surfaced when another wave pushed me under water again. I was disoriented. I couldn’t breathe. My eyes burned from the seawater. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I remembered thinking – I was going to die. For what seemed like eternity, I saw a fuzzy figure somewhere above me and then a water gallon container splashed a few inches away. I grabbed for it and hauled myself up, coughing seawater and gasping for air. It turns out there was a ship passing by that caused some big waves to crash to the sea wall. The guy who threw the water container saw me thrashing amidst the waves and thought I was drowning. He was right and he saved my life. It was the dumbest, craziest thing I ever did. It had almost cost me my very existence. But crazy as it is, it still didn’t stop me from going back the next weekend to have another swim.”

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