Klaire’s Gift

“Klaire wanted a mountain bike for her 16th birthday. We couldn’t afford one so we told her to think of something else that wasn’t so expensive. She’s a big fan of Harry Potter and she’d gone on and on for days on end of going to this cute Harry Potter-themed café in the city called The Nook. We live in Laguna, you see, and her dad had just arrived from Saudi Arabia for a vacation. So we thought, what better way to spend her birthday than a family bonding drive to the city where she could visit The Nook and get immersed in Harry Potter world. Klaire’s an only child and she’s a shy girl so we try to let her know everyday how much we support her. We’re happy that she loves books and that she’s trying to come out of her shell by trying out new things. We feel very blessed this year because we’re expecting a new addition to our little family. And we hope he or she’s going to be as sweet and smart as our dear Klaire.”

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