Keeping Safe

safety and security

“I was at the 7th floor lobby of the building when the trembling started. I was the Head Security on duty then and there were already several people milling around ready to go home. A sharp sudden jolt, then violent shaking. There was screaming everywhere and I couldn’t even get up from my chair. But instinct and adrenaline kicked in. I yelled at everyone to stay down while everything around us was shaking. Looking back, I was thankful for all the earthquake drills we’ve had in the past because my body kicked into gear even before my brain did. After the quake, I had the emergency exit doors opened and herded everyone to leave the building. I checked the locker room, the sleeping lounge, pantry and operations area, making sure no one has been left behind. I was the last one to exit. While the shaking was terrifying, the actual fear doesn’t really start until the ordeal is over. While it was happening, I didn’t have the luxury to feel afraid. I had a responsibility to keep everyone safe. But the fear does come though, especially when you’re away from your family and you have no way of finding out how they fared through the earthquake. I left my phone in the office and for several hours I didn’t know if my daughters were all right. Maybe it isn’t the same for everyone, but for me, the fear for your family was far scarier than the earthquake itself.”

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