Surviving Yolanda

“My family and I were at the balcony of our 2-storey house when the storm ravaged our town. I had my 1-year old nephew strapped to my back with a blanket. Surging water rose. The wind was so strong it was difficult to see. We got washed out of the house. I couldn’t see where my family was. I felt alone. I was alone. The next thing I knew, I was holding on for dear life on this tree branch. That tree branch saved my life. I heard my nephew crying, drenched but still strapped to my back with the blanket. It saved his life too. I lost my dad and brother to Typhoon Yolanda. Did it shatter me to pieces the way the storm did Tacloban? Yes. But life goes on. I lived. And so I put on my brave face and take on the world.”

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