Friends Forever

friends forever

“We’d get out of the house and meet up on this one common street in our town. Our parents happened to be neighbors so there wasn’t much of a choice but to live next to each other and become playmates. We’ve spent countless summer days together. We’d go from biking to picking mangoes from our neighbors’ yards without asking. We would even act like the Power Rangers and scare the hell out of other kids that would pass by our block. During rainy days we would play Tag-You’re It! under the rain and would swim in our favorite mini pool, the drainage canal. On summer nights we would talk about ghosts and would hurry home looking scared. And in the morning, we’d talk about our nightmares from last night and start our day playing any games we could think of. Christmas week would see us huddled singing carols for some change. That’s food for our make-shift Christmas Party. On New Years , we would jump for joy because finally we can make as much noise as we want and not get annoyed stares from the old folks. We’ve known each other all our lives. And our childhood memories were so much more than we could have ever asked for. Now, with life going on around us, we still get out of the house and meet on that same street. We still make time to hang out. We still go biking and talk about heartbreaks. We still pick mangoes and shout our frustrations out at the beach. We still play in the rain. We still play tag. And we talk about how life scares the hell out of us. But, we were the cool kids then, Power Rangers and all, and we’re not about to change that are we?”

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