Finding My Home

“Over the years, I’ve realized that my two greatest passions are people and travelling. I would always enjoy staying in hostels. I met some friends who I still keep in touch with to this day and some even became my very best friends. I would always tell myself I can’t keep on travelling forever but I want to capture that vibe, that ambience so I thought why not a hostel. It’s perfect. I decided that I was gonna build a hostel for sure. I didn’t even care what it would be at that point. I just wanted to build a hostel like, anywhere. One time I was sitting in front of my computer having a glass of wine. I was reading about Siargao because my brother, a few years ago had been talking about how much he enjoyed it here. I saw a part of land that was posted online. I sent my aunt to check it out. She didn’t like it. And then somebody told her about this other piece of land. She said it was smaller, a little more pricey but it was a great location. She told me that if I trusted her we’ll buy this one and so we did. Here we are, three years later. I would constantly have to pinch myself over the past couple of weeks. Me and my friends would talk about how it feels like we’re just playing house. We still could not believe that we’re running an actual hostel. That this is all real. It still feels like we’re just messing around. It’s fun, a lot of fun. I’d like to think that I’m a good judge of character so when I meet somebody I think worth being a friend I just open up to them instantly. So I get fairly attached very quickly. It doesn’t take a long time to grow close to people because hostels are designed to be very social. Keeping up the facilities like cleaning up and making sure the guests have what they need is the easy part. Having to constantly say goodbye every few days is the hard part. We’ve had some tearful goodbyes here. And I was wondering if I’m ever gonna get used to it because I think that really is the hardest part.”

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