Choosing Happiness

happy and smiling

“What I wished for my birthday is for everyone in my life to be happy and contented. Cliché? Of course it is. But I think people should be happy, period. We don’t need to put a name to a day and then celebrate. Why can’t we just celebrate each day that we’re here? Each day that we get to wake up, hug our mom and dad, laugh around with our friends, buy that dress we’ve always gushed about at the mall or upload the photos from our last get-away trip are reasons to smile and feel good. I admit I’m not always the happy pill everybody thinks I am. I get sad and frustrated too. I’ve cried a bit, and then some, and then maybe a little bit more. Sometimes you just really end up at a dead end, turn around and then there’s Life, all poised up to throw a bucket of lemons at you. But I think that’s the beauty of our existence in this world. We always have a choice whether to give up or suck it up and smile. Well I’m smiling. I choose to be happy and maybe share a bit of my sunshine to everyone around me.”

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