The YOUman Project

Harry Potter fan

“I’m surrounded by all things Harry Potter! From drinking butterbeer, trying out Hogwarts robes, to waving a replica of Harry’s wand, it’s everything I could ask for, for my 16th birthday. I’m so glad that my parents decided to bring me to The Nook. I first heard about it in […]

Klaire’s Gift

“Klaire wanted a mountain bike for her 16th birthday. We couldn’t afford one so we told her to think of something else that wasn’t so expensive. She’s a big fan of Harry Potter and she’d gone on and on for days on end of going to this cute Harry Potter-themed […]

Making Surfboards

“I made this long board myself. I shaped the wood into just the right size and curve then sanded it to make it smooth. Painting the wood with bright colors doesn’t last long especially when you use the surfboard everyday. The waves will gradually chip the paint off and you’ll […]

Finding My Home

“Over the years, I’ve realized that my two greatest passions are people and travelling. I would always enjoy staying in hostels. I met some friends who I still keep in touch with to this day and some even became my very best friends. I would always tell myself I can’t […]

That Time I Tried Hiking to Mt. Babag

“If travelling was free, you’d never see me again.” “I simply love the mountains.” “Adventurer.” Three friends out for a hike to the mountains with those quotes plastered on their shirts and you’d think they’re out to make that day an adventure kind of day. Michael, Mohan and I met […]

That Time I Tried Capoeira

I was watching some guys play Tekken on an Xbox console and one player had this martial arts girl as his character. She had long, braided hair, had these silver pants on and a purple cord as a belt. Her outfit wasn’t the one that got me interested in watching […]

Lifelong Dream

krispy kreme

“It’s been my dream to be a doctor when I was a kid. I’d watch movies and TV shows and I’d see them walk up looking all hero-like in their scrubs, white coats and stethoscopes. Doctors looked neat and professional in their whites. There’d be this kid in the movie […]

Point of View


“I lived most of my life in Europe but I’ve stayed in the Philippines with my wife and daughter for 6 years now. I love this country with its scenic beaches and breath-taking landscapes. Yet this place is not all sugar and spice. It has its imperfections too. The strangest […]

That Time I went to Baler, Philippines

The Philippines boasts of jaw-dropping destinations for locals and tourists alike. One of the things the country is famous for is its magnificent beaches that showcase everything a wanderlust could wish for. Beach for surfing, rocky shorelines or if one just wants to sit back and enjoy the sunset, all […]

That Time I Tried Bouldering

Bouldering is a form of low-level rock climbing on boulders, small rock formations or artificial walls usually measuring up to 30 feet. It does not require a harness or ropework and the focus is on movement rather than getting to the top. There is a growing community of boulderers in […]

Choosing Happiness

happy and smiling

“What I wished for my birthday is for everyone in my life to be happy and contented. Cliché? Of course it is. But I think people should be happy, period. We don’t need to put a name to a day and then celebrate. Why can’t we just celebrate each day […]

Friends Forever

friends forever

“We’d get out of the house and meet up on this one common street in our town. Our parents happened to be neighbors so there wasn’t much of a choice but to live next to each other and become playmates. We’ve spent countless summer days together. We’d go from biking […]

Capoeira Family

“I started Capoeira way back April 2, 2013 in Metrosports. I went up to the group together with my dad. I was holding his arm real tight, trying to hide behind him. I was nervous. I was very shy then because I didn’t know anyone. I also didn’t see anyone […]

New Hobby

“My parents and I saw this Capoeira group having a show at the mall. They were amazing! There was music, dance and martial arts happening all at once. I enjoyed watching them but I didn’t say anything to my parents because I was already doing ballet then. But then my […]

Life Saver

construction worker

“When you’re young and adventurous, you think you’re invincible! When I was 15 years old, I’d get up early on weekends and run from my house to the seawall to breathe in the morning fresh air. Way back then, the place wasn’t as dirty and smelly as it is now. […]

Street Money

street child wants to go to school

“I am once again out in the street, not playing but approaching each people to ask for a little amount for my allowance. I don’t mind the danger in the streets and I always pack all my guts just to have money for school. I really wanted to study and […]

Meeting Her

lovers meeting her

“We were in the same training class for a BPO company. I knew immediately that she was a kind, friendly person when she first introduced herself in front of everybody – Rhelyn. She’s always smiling and very soft-spoken. She made new friends without any hitch. Me, I’m the introvert, awkward […]

Meeting Him


“We were in the same training class for a BPO company. I thought he was a loner and a snob when he said his name in front of class – Justin. He barely talked to anybody and when he did, you would only get a word or two from him. […]

Keeping Safe

safety and security

“I was at the 7th floor lobby of the building when the trembling started. I was the Head Security on duty then and there were already several people milling around ready to go home. A sharp sudden jolt, then violent shaking. There was screaming everywhere and I couldn’t even get […]

Honest Barista

starbucks barista

“The smell of coffee beans being brewed ready for a morning routine. The aroma of breakfast sandwich, freshly baked for the early-risers. Customers making orders in a rush and late for work. That’s my typical morning. But it’s never just saying hello, making the drink and serving great coffee. One […]

Super Dad

super dad

  “If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have said, ‘One that involves travelling.’ I stopped school when I was in 5th grade. I was the sixth child in a family with 9 children. My parents couldn’t support all of us so I spent most of my […]

Taekwando Kid

  “I was in 2nd grade when I joined my first Taekwondo competition. If you were that young, they would base the match-ups on height instead of your belt level. He was a brown belt and I had my red one. You’d think I’d be excited, first time and all, […]

Chasing Cars

  “I work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. I only get a day off and I don’t do much except maybe sleep the entire time. The easy part is writing down parking tickets. The hard part is having to make sure you don’t go short on the […]

Street Talk

“I’ve been a street vendor in this spot for over 12 years now. There weren’t many buildings then and not many people. I forgot why I decided to stay on this spot but looking at how this place turned out with all its tall buildings and hundreds of people milling […]

Loved and Lost

“We met at a restaurant, both as part-times, because we were trying to finish college. Well, that was more me than her really. She was well-off and I was barely scraping by. She could have everything she would ask for while I made do with what I had. I fell […]

Coffee Dream

“I love them best on early mornings. Creamy and not too sweet. It’s my piece of heaven in an otherwise stressful day. Someday, I’d want to drink my morning coffee with THAT guy. That guy who keeps up with my mood swings. That guy who annoys me because he gets […]


  “Sunglasses. Flip flops. A backpack. And I’m all set to see the world. I have always loved travelling. It makes me happy. It makes me feel alive. It’s the one thing I do alone and not feel lonely at all. A trip to the beach, to an ancient temple, […]

Surviving Yolanda

“My family and I were at the balcony of our 2-storey house when the storm ravaged our town. I had my 1-year old nephew strapped to my back with a blanket. Surging water rose. The wind was so strong it was difficult to see. We got washed out of the […]