Capoeira Family

“I started Capoeira way back April 2, 2013 in Metrosports. I went up to the group together with my dad. I was holding his arm real tight, trying to hide behind him. I was nervous. I was very shy then because I didn’t know anyone. I also didn’t see anyone my age. All of them were older than me. One girl approached me and said her name is Arame. I thought that was her real name but turns out in Capoeira, you get baptized with an ‘apelido’ or a Capoeira name. She was super kind. She introduced me to everybody and I gave them a shy ‘Hello.’ Everybody was really nice. They were all smiling at me, even the coach. I was taught the basics on how to ginga and esquiva. It needed some getting used to but I got the hang of it eventually. Basic kicks and acrobatics came next. It was wearisome but I enjoyed the whole hour of training. After training, I told my parents I really wanted to play Capoeira and so, I’ve been training eversince. I love Capoeira. My fellow capoeiristas are my 2nd family. Oh and I got my own Capoeira name too – Mascotinha. It means ‘little mascot’.”

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