I love to travel.

Experience the World.

This is my dream and I am living it one journey at a time. Growing up, I hear and see various people and places in the media with their stories to tell. I had wondered how amazing it would be if I were the one travelling to those destinations and meeting those people. I want to gasp at majestic views, savor delicacies and have my heart pumping from the experience. I want to meet new faces and get inspired by their stories and share them to others so that they may do the same.

My work has been featured in the following publications..

Travelicious World - Discover Philippines: The Rocky Ampere Beach of Baler, Aurora


Life is a Story. What's Yours?

The YOUman Project

This is a joint project I have with 2 of my friends. The idea was to interview regular people we see everyday about their lives. The thing is, we walk through our day meeting people on the road, on the bus, in malls and we look at them but not really know them. Why should we? They're not friends nor family. But what if they have a life story that is so much like yours? What if they've gone through a tough time then learned from it and you're going through the same thing and could use some advice? We aim to inspire people with stories of others.